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Blog: Hey There Emo Boy!

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GOOGLING for reviews is always a DELIGHT, especially when you come across a GEM like this one at Die Shellsuit Die. It sounds rather like the Grumpy Slightly Self-Obsessed Emo Boy who was reviewing it got as far as Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid and was too OVERCOME WITH DESPAIR AT THE UNIVERSE to continue... but thank GOODNESS he did! My favourite bit is when he says, apparently without irony, "It's far too jovial and good natured to break my current mood." Which, we can only assume, is BLACK AS NIGHT.

He then goes on to say "This record does nothing for me. I have really tried. Had it for some time. Nothing. My insides are dead to it." BLESS! I must say I am surprised tho - you'd think listening to a recording of people old enough to be his parents singing "HEY THERE EMO BOY GIVE US ALL A SMILE" would have cheered him RIGHT up, wouldn't you?

A less FRANKLY AMUSING but somewhat more UNDERSTANDING review's also just appeared over on Penny Black Music, which is rather delightful, and there's also a chance to hear me GABBING ON on the current Contrast Podcast about what I think about It Only Works Because You're Here. SPOILERS: My insides remain ALIVE to it.

posted 14/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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