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The other morning I was woken from fitful slumber (the funtimes of Leytonstone's celebrated Festival Of Shouting In The Street continue) by The Comfort Of My Mattress saying the immortal words "Dur dur dur dur, da da dum" for LO! she had DREAMED a song, and I DASHED downstairs to get the digital four track to record it.

The song came complete with MELODY and BASSLINE and in the days since we have wandered the house SINGING it, with me resolving to record it ASAP. We worked out the chords and an extra bit (which is either The Chorus or The Verse, depending upon which of us you ask) and the CRACKING bass line and I was vaguely thinking of recording it at the weekend. However, things became URGENT when I got an email from John The Publisher asking for a song that was bouncy, upbeat and without necessarily much in the way of lyrics. It's one of these Songs For Adverts that he passes on every now and again - I've had a go at all SORTS of things and though they've never been accepted it's always GRATE fun having a go, so we decided to try finishing THIS one off. The only thing was they needed it first thing this morning!

THUS plans for me to make the tea were WAYLAID as I SWEATED over a hot BASS GUITAR. My first attempt at the song, listened to after eating, proved to be WRONG - as it had come from the mighty BRANE of The Beats In My Rhythm rather than being JAMMED or something it didn't ADHERE to the more conventional chord patterns that I tend to end up using, and as a result it had DONE MY HEAD IN and i had done it incorrectly.

We nipped into THE STUDIO (hem hem) to have another go and this time DID do it correctly - it still felt a bit ODD to me when I was playing it, and I had to do the bassline as two seperate tracks to get round this, but when I played it all put together it all sounded FAB. I did a MIX of it before breakfast and then lathered on some OVERDUBS, including an HEAVENLY CHOIR featuring both of us singing, and that was that. It sounds GRATE!

We sent it off to John before I went to work - I'm not holding out great hopes that it'll get used, as THE RECORD so far suggests it won't, but it was nice to write a song with someone who will a) give you THE KISSY KISSY if it goes well [NB Validators, i am not expecting this service in future] and b) make you your TEA while you're doing it [although that would be nice...]. I can see why The Maccas were so keen on it!

posted 8/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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