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Blog: The Internet Is RUBBISH

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It may just possibly be because I am IMMENSELY ANNOYED with bloody blogger, but it does seem to me that the Quality Of Interweb has deteriorated MARKEDLY over the past decade.

Back in OLDEN TYMES, if you had a problem with your computer, you could GOOGLE it and you'd get a couple of responses. One would always be from the notes to a computing class which a forward thinking, GROOVY YOUNG, lecturer had decided to post online, in case any of his class wanted to use this RESOURCE. I doubt any of the students ever DID use them, but a heck of a lot of other people would.

The other response would be a worthy article or post on someone's website (rarely called a blog) where a Fusty Old Computing Guy would discuss a problem that his users had encountered, and describe in detail how to fix it. This would pretty much ALWAYS work, and also be lovely.

NOW however - NOW! NYAAAAARGGHHHH!!! Now it's entirely SHITE. Google anything and you will get 200,000,000,000,000 responses. The top few responses will be Tech-Guys or something, where someone has had the problem YOU'VE had, but you have to PAY to see what the Tech-Guys think the answer is. I've always been dubious about going along with this, not least because I've seen most of the OTHER answers, which make up the rest of the results.

These will EITHER be forums or tiny, unloved, rarely updated blogs where someone has hit a problem and copy and pasted it into a query, asking for help. There will be FOUR different kinds of RESPONSE:

RESPONSE 1: Dude, you gotta get a new comprutor, its fuckd dude.

RESPONSE 2: I don't know what the problem is.

RESPONSE 3: A lengthy TELLING OFF to the original poster, telling them they shouldn't have done the thing that broke their computer, and that they, the respondent, was always telling people this, due to other people being idiots.

RESPONSE 4: You should get LINUX.

The response to all of these is, of course, THANKS FOR THAT! Or, in an emergency, AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!

Is it wrong of me to see pictures of Windows 95 and think "Aaah, those were the days"? Anyway, the upshot is that i STILL haven't managed to work out how to carry on using this webpage address, my archives, the RSS feeds etc etc even tho some lovely people have commented (on my FREQUENTLY updated blog!) with a few ideas. I can't use Wordpress because Tripod, who I run the page through, would QUADRUPLE my monthly charges if I did. RSS feed reading looks like it'd screw up the archives (and people's subscriptions), and trying to get Blogger's blogspot templates to look anything LIKE my webpage is turning into a NIGHTMARE BEYOND IMAGINING.

Surely somebody, somewhere, has worked out an easy solution? If only Clippy The Paper Clip was around to help me!

posted 9/2/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Surely WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG SOFTWARE has to be the only option?

Seriously... if you're going to have to go over to blogspot, you might as well migrate to Wordpress instead.
posted 9/2/2010 by Dan H

Try umbraco old son, its .Net based, which means YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE NAZIS if you install it, but it works like a hot little wet dream about that lass you met when you were 18 but never actually got off with, you know, the one you try to googlestalk every so often, even though she's married now and her surname will have changed and her first name is something like "Anne" which makes her impossible to find anyway.

Anyway, Umbraco, does the job for me. P.S. Only discovered your band this weekend, you rock!
posted 23/2/2010 by Shaun Chatterton

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