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Blog: Crazy Christmas Clearout

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Newsletter today, bringing with it the FESTIVE JOY of our Crazy Christmas Clearout!

This is a HUGE sale of nearly everything in our back catalogue, including ALL of our singles and ALL of the albums pre-Regardez, Ecoutez, with the albums at just TWO POUNDS FIFTY and the singles LESS! And postage, as ever, is FREE!

"But what has brought on this fit of manic benevolence?" you may well ask. It's partly a wish to spread the word further, partly my general feeling of Christmas... but mostly it's because I had a big sort out of our spare room/home office the other week and realised i've got HUNDREDS of CDs stacked up in boxes which I'd rather like to get MOVED! This has been EXACERBATED somewhat by the arrival of Forest Moon Of Enderby, and with the Dinosaur Planet album coming next year... well, suffice to say any help anyone can give in clearing out some space would be VERY much appreciated!

There's quite a lot of OTHER news in this month's edition, some of which we'll be going into in further detail over the next week or so, but do sign up if you've haven't already, it's the one stop place for ALL the latest THRILLING news!

(the thrilling news about US, anyway. Not necessarily for other areas of interest)

posted 29/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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