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Blog: Christmas Number One: We did it!!

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MJ Hibbett & The Validators would like to thank everyone who helped them to achieve their aim of NOT getting to Christmas Number One this year.

"We're especially excited", says MJ Hibbett, "because, with the possible exception of Simon Cowell, we're the only group whose Christmas Number One campaign was in any way successful!"

The campaign began a few weeks ago when the band decided NOT to try and get their Christmas single "The 29th Day Of December" to the top of the charts. "So many people try for the Christmas Number One these days that it's become routine", said violinist Tom 'The Tiger' McClure. "We decided to go the other way - and succeeded!"

"The 29th Day Of December" was accompanied by a stop-motion animation which has similarly managed not to top the YouTube charts. "That wasn't part of our original intention", says drummer Tim Pattison, "but it's a nice extra Christmas present for all of us."

The advantages of the band's victory are many. Just this morning bass player Frankie Machine didn't have to get up extra early to appear on "Daybreak" to talk about it. Singer Emma Pattison, meanwhile, didn't have to cancel an appearance on The Andrew Marr show when her flight home was delayed by snow. "Being stuck in an airport was stressful enough", she remarked by telephone, "without having to reschedule TV appearances!"

Now that the campaign has achieved its goal the group are happy to relax for the festive period. The album is still very much available to buy online from and if anybody now wants to purchase it The Validators will not stand in their way. "It still won't get to number one, because it's not registered for the charts," says MJ, "But if millions of people want to suddenly buy it there's not much we can do about it, except to say thanks very much, and Merry Christmas!"

posted 20/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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