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Blog: Sheffield 5: London 0

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As I may have mentioned before, I thought it might be an idea to see if I could persuade a distribution company to Distribute the album, so that it'd get into more shops... many wise people said to me this was ASKING for trouble, reminded me that EVERY distributor we'd ever dealt with were useless, lying gits who STILL owed us money, and pointed out that the online shop and our Recommended Dealers (that's Rough Trade in London, Forever Changes in Sheffield, Reveal in Derby and Left-Legged Pineapple in Loughborough, SHOP fans!) was a much better way forward.

They were right, and I was wrong. A fortnight ago I sent a CD and letter to A Distributor, asking whether they'd be interested in selling it for us. Yesterday, after several emails and nearly a WEEK of ringing three times a day I FINALLY managed to get through to someone at A Distributor who'd talk to me about it, who said "Oh yeah, I've got about 300 CDs to listen to, I can't take anything more on at the minute."

And people wonder why independent labels have such a hard time competing with the mainstream... ANYWAY, duly CHASTENED, I thought I might as well find out how the shops are doing. So far I've had a lovely, even APOLOGETIC, email from Rough Trade saying they've sold no copies so far, and one from Forever Changes to say they've SOLD OUT!!! Come on you COCKNEYS! Do you want THE NORTH to trample so VICTORIOUSLY all over you?!? Go to Rough Trade and if you don't IMMEDIATELY see the album there, DEMAND IT! And BUY IT! Your very HONOUR is at stake!

And look, LOOK! The TOTALISER has been duly amended, is it not a JOY to see?

posted 12/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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