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Blog: I'm a ROCKING today!

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CORKS! It's a right old day of ACTION today! Not only am I doing loads of Actual WORK-style WORK, but have also got MANY things done re. Various People's Birthdays AND sorted out some of my WARDROBE, and also got them Annotations to the two new songs finished. GO ME!

So yes, I'm feeling pretty pleased with things, as it goes. GOOD MOOD also helped by an afternoon listening to The Beatles - I'm now listening to "Hard Day's Night", but before that I had "Rubber Soul" three times in a row. MAN but that'sa FANTASTIC album - I've only just got it on CD, having had a TAPE for the past 15 years (itself was copied off a dodgy, songs in the wrong order, very old tape my friend Chris had), and so I keep hearing all this EXTRA stuff I never knew was there, also BASS GUITAR. It's BRILLIANT - those Beatles, they were GROOVY!

posted 15/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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