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I set off for the Lamb last night for the first Totally Acoustic of the year in a slightly TREPIDATIOUS mood. I didn't feel quite READY to start again, and wasn't sure that anyone would come. In short, i felt DOUBT!

My worries began to be ALLAYED as soon as I arrived, as Leigh The Landlord said a) Hello b) The Booking Was FINE. Phew! There was also a whole BUNCH of people, including to my great surprise and delight Mr R Rackstraw and Mr T Chesser, who (apart from briefly bumping into Thom in Brixton a few years ago) i hadn't really seen since the early NINETIES in Leicester! Amazingly, everyone appeared to be THE SAME!

We moved upstairs and got going pretty much on TIME, with me (and indeed Steve at relevant points) doing THIS:
  • Totally Acoustic
  • The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B)
  • Girlfriend Alarmed
  • We're The Mars Men Of Jupiter
  • We've Done Something Evil
  • I'm Saying Yes

  • It was THOROUGHLY good fun - I'd brought SONG SHEETS for the theme tune so we got off to a good start, and things rolled along very pleasantly from thereonin. I'd also been a bit nervous about doing SO MUCH that I didn't really know very well, but it all seemed to work out OK and me and Steve did the Moon Horse songs with some ELAN... also HUMOROUS HATS.

    We then moved STRAIGHT on to Jenny Lockyer, who was playing as part of her QUEST to do 30 Gigs In 30 Days. It's partly to celebrate her 30th birthday this month, and ALSO to raise money for The Children's Trust so is a GRATE, if KNACKERINg idea. The gig itself was GRATE, also RIFE with New Material, my favourite being "Albert The Dragon" which sounds like it may DEVELOP into something CONCEPTUAL. It was ACE!

    Then after the first break we had a bit of a change of pace with Simon Fox, who CLAIMED he was about to be depressing but, as with last time, was actually DELIGHTFUL - he reminded me quite a lot of Boo Hewerdine, as he had that same deceptive way of drawing you into the song with CHARISMA and CHARM, then keeping you there. I think my favourite bit was the singalong to "Jeane", which is DEFINITELY going in the podcast, even if it does feature A Slightly Tiddly Middle Aged Gentleman (hem hem) singing along a bit TOO much...

    And then we had Mr Peter Buckley-Hill. GOODNESS ME. I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect, really knowing him only as the man who runs the Free Fringe, so was totally UNPREPARED for what occurred next: about 45 minutes of LARFING. LARFING really A LOT! Man alive, I have done a lot of laughing at Totally Acoustic over the years but never THAT much, he was FANTASTIC! Wait until you hear it on the podcast, he was HILARIOUS, also LOVELY from start to finish. I already felt honoured to be part of his Free Fringe, now I am EXCITED to go and see him again as soon as possible.

    It was, in fact, a GRATE night all round, which we rounded off with a bit of an old chat and some more BEER. Totally Acoustic is BACK, and I'm very pleased about it!

    posted 9/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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