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Blog: Geekpop is GO!

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I met with Mr S Hewitt for another EXCELLENT "Moon Horse" rehearsal last night, after which we went for our Traditional Post Practice Pint, during which we SCHEMED UP a new plan for doing GIGS. We worked out a PROPER SETLIST and EVERYTHING, also a MODUS OPERANDI to ensure that next time we do one together we will be ROCKING OUT to the MAX. It was a GOOD meeting.

Then we went our seperate ways, with me heading off to Wilton's Music Hall for the launch of the geekpop festival. WOW! What an AMAZING place to have it - you walk down a little street, turn into a tiny alley and then through the door of a knackered old building and suddenly you're in an ACTUAL REAL LIVE MUSIC HALL, like off the telly! It's INCREDIBLE - I'd seen pictures but was still unprepared for how GORGEOUS the building was. The Acts On My Bill and The Landlady had been a couple of years ago and RAVED about it, and now i could see why - it was like a film set or something, just incredible!

It turned out I'd MISSED most of the actual gig, as it had started RIGOROUSLY on time, but did get a chance to see Helen Arney doing a set in the interval, as well as seeing an impressive fusion of SOUND and FIRE during a demonstration, which was rather GRATE.

The actual FESTIVAL meanwhile, is online NOW at It's a VIRTUAL festival, headlined by JEFFREY LEWIS, which i think everyone is a bit [rightfully] in AWE of, as well as people like Vom Vorton, the aforesaid Helen Arney, and ME! There's various STAGES (me, Helen and Tom are on the Comical Flask stage, where we've all got FREE TRACKS to download - mine are all NEW versions of some older song, although there's also a BRAND NEW TRACK, Brokeback Workbench to download as part of the Geek Like Me EP they've put out. There's ALSO an INTERVIEW with me and Mr Vorton which we ALSO did VIRTUALLY. It was quite a feat of engineering!

It's all TERRIBLY exciting and there's LOADS of good stuff on there - do go and have a look if you get the chance, it's GRATE!

posted 11/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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