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Blog: The Eve Of Battle

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I met with Mr S Hewitt after work last night for our FINAL rehearsal of Moon Horse before we take it out and SHOW it to people. EEK!

The meeting commenced with a bit of a read through the Edinburgh Fringe Programme, which Steve had picked up HOT OFF THE PRESSES. As usual it was very very exciting to start with, then quickly ENRAGING as some of the usual ANNOYING shows LEAPT out at us. If you've never SEEN the Fringe Programme this may sound odd, but there are always HUNDREDS of shows which have descriptions that make you want to run into the street screaming "ALL STUDENTS MUST DIE!" into the night sky. Honest - go and have a look!

We also noted the LACK of certain Fringe Staples - where were all the Hamlets? The Macbeths and Equus? For goodness sake - was NOBODY doing Waiting For Godot AGANE?!? I thought this a terrible shame... before I was struck with an IDEA: we're definitely not going next year, but if we DID go the YEAR after: "GODOT! THE MUSICAL!" What could possibly go wrong?

We then LAUNCHED ourselves into a full rehearsal with no scripts but WITH props and... well, I wouldn't necessarily expect someone to PAY to see our efforts, but we DID get through to the end in just under an hour and MOST of it was at least SORT OF right. There were GAPS but I think it FELT worse than it would be in The Live Environment, as in rehearsal we were SUPER OBSERVANT of everything that wasn't exactly right, but when there's PEOPLE watching we'll be happy enough to get by on ROUGHLY the correct words and be more FORGIVING to ourselves about slight mistakes.

I hope we will be anyway - my MUM is coming to see the preview on the 19th, she's not seen me do a gig for YEARS, i'd like her to think I've got a bit better!

So yes, we went to the pub a bit NERVOUS but also, I think, pretty PREPARED to start DOING this crazy thing. It doesn't feel like THAT long since the script was done and we first had a read through, but it does look very much like all the props are bought, the lines are (mostly) learnt and the dates are BOOKED. We're doing MOST of the previews in London this time, largely so that we can take the FINISHED version out to show everyone else later in the year, but if you are ABOUT in this country's capital or INDEED in Northampton next week, it'd be lovely to see you. Here are the DATES:

Thursday 16 June - Nook Cafe, Northampton NNN1 2HL
Sunday 19 June - The Lexington, London N1 9JB (show starts 3pm)
Thursday 7 July - Fox & Firkin, Lewisham SE13 6JZ
Tuesday 12 July - The Green Dragon, Croydon CR0 1NA
Saturday 16 July - Ray's Mum's House, Dudley (Hibbettfest!)
Tuesday 26 July - The Old Coffee House, London W1F 9SF
Friday 29 July - The Bedford, Balham SW12 9HD (on 6.45pm-7.50pm)

After all THAT we're at The Buffs Club (R.A.O.B.) at 5 West Register Street every day at 5pm from Saturday 6th to Saturday 20th August in Edinburgh, and then at The Camden Head at 8pm on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August for the Camden Fringe.

It all looks a bit PROPER doesn't it? All this and I'm still not entirely sure whether it's actually FUNNY or not. I guess we're about to find out!

posted 10/6/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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yes, i guess we are about to find it out... it's all in the delivery love, everything will be fine ;)
posted 10/6/2011 by Steve

If you need to eat in Northampton, I'd recommend the Oriental Garden - very nice Chinese restaurant on the corner of Greyfriars and Drapery, just up from where you're playing. That's my sole Northampton local recommendation other than "get out into Northamptonshire, it's much nicer than its county town".
posted 10/6/2011 by John

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