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Blog: Phase Two continues

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Yesterday I was going to try and sort out the last couple of gigs for the Phase Two TOUR, but instead stayed on at work a bit, and WORKED. I got home and switched on the interweb, only to find TWO emails offering me gigs. One of these is yet to be sorted (it'll hopefully be in Birmingham though), and the other IS sorted, and on October 24th at Bar Lorca, Brixton, as part of a month of Kooba Radio Live Events.

HOORAH! Isn't it GRATE when things like that happen? Most of the CDs have now been sent to The Student Radio, there's a couple to go to some other people today, then later on this week I start emailing a) Nice People who've listened to the album, to thank them and tell them about Phase 2 and b) Less Nice People who didn't bother, to persuade them that they might like to try again. Then it is HO! for GIGS!

I meant it about not giving up until we reach 100!

posted 23/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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