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Blog: Hibbettfest 2011

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I met with Mr S Hewitt at Euston Station on Saturday morning to set off for our final non-London preview of Moon Horse at the (surely?) LEGENDARY Annual Event that men know only as "Hibbettfest". Well, they also know it as "A bit of a do in Ray's Mum's back garden" but I think Hibbettfest is PUNCHIER!

We arrived in Birmingham in good time and then set off across town to Moor Street, as station I've never been to before, apart from to travel through. People have always told me how LOVELY it is but I was still unprepared for quite HOW lovely, it's like something out of a COSTUME DRAMA or indeed INDIETRACKS, a gorgeous IDEA of what Railway Stations might perhaps one day ASPIRE to, if they all tried really hard and stayed tidy. Beautiful!

Ray's Dad picked us up from Stourbridge Junction and soon we were Chez Dann for - i think - the seventh of eighth regular visit. Mr R Dann himself was stood proudly by the plentiful BUFFET, worrying about people turning up. He needn't have worried - by the time we got started I think it was the BIGGEST audience we've EVER had for Hibbettfest, maybe because the audience is GROWING its own additional members. The patio area was COVERED with babies and TOTS, it was DELIGHTFUL!

The show itself went pretty well - we WHIPPED through the whole thing in 52 minutes, which was a GRATE relief, and everyone seemed to a) understand b) enjoy it, although I do think that the SMALL CHILDREN enjoyed Dinosaur Planet more - kids! they seem to prefer DINOSAURS and ROBOTS to BROAD POLITICAL SATIRE! Who knew? Thank goodness we didn't go straight to "Tebbs" as originally planned, I'm pretty sure they'd've enjoyed The Heartwarming Story Of The Oldest Olympic Medal Winner even less - at least there's Tiddy The Tin Man in Moon Horse, Tebbs just had people from Melton Mowbray!

With the show finished we drank some more beer, ate some more of the buffet, and the braver amongst us tried the VODKA JELLY. I've somehow managed to get to my great age WITHOUT having Vodka Jelly, so was pleased to find it RATHER NICE. Hic!

Various parents and others headed home while a small select band of us hopped into a taxi for the TRADITIONAL trip to The Wellington, for some Posh/Unusual/TASTY beer. It was DELIGHTFUL, and once again I was reminded how lucky I am to live this kind of KRAZY LIFE, meeting and RE-meeting all manner of nice people all over the country. All right, i was a bit tiddly, but it still counts, and it was ESPECIALLY good to be saying "See you at indietracks!" to so many people as we left.

On the train back a table full of people next to us had a Lengthy, Loud, BORING, and Annoying "discussion" about RELIGION, featuring not just SCRIPTURE but also A PRECOCIOUS CHILD. Luckily we had HEADPHONES to wear and arrived back in London in HIGH SPIRITS. It looks like this show is actually going to work! PHEW!

posted 17/7/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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