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Blog: Moon Horse: The Final Preview

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I met Mr S Hewitt in downtown BALHAM last night to take part in the Balham Free Fringe event at The Bedford - this is an AMAZING thing where the PBH Free Fringe have taken over three rooms for the whole weekend for people to do Edinburgh Previews. As soon as I stepped in I was ACCOSTED by two strangely dressed gentelemen saying "Award winning theatre at 6 o'clock?" CONFUSED I said "No no, we're on at quarter to seven" thinking they meant ME, but they were actually trying to get PUNTERS in to their show. Aaah, it felt like we were there already!

In fact the feeling of Fringiness grew over the course of the next couple of hours, as we BUMPED INTO various people we knew, gave directions to those lost and in search of shows, and drank BEER. It was lovely, and VERY VERY EXCITING INDEED - why, this time next week we'll be just about to start! EEK!

I was a little trepidatious about even doing our show, as I wasn't expecting anybody at all to be there at 6.45pm, but we started off with about eight people from another show and when the lights came on at the end were surprised to discover that our audience had at least TRIPLED! Cor! How did that happen? Best of ALL was the fact that it went really WELL - it seemed that nobody had any idea what we were going to DO, nor knew us nor our previous OUVRE nor nothing, but still LARFED throughout. I thought to myself "Hang on, this might actually be QUITE GOOD!"

Afterwards there was a little more chat and a finishing of drinks before we headed off to the tube. As Steve disembarked at Stockwell we realised the next time we saw each other we'd be THERE. "See you in Scotland", we said, with looks of EXCITEMENT and AMAZEMENT on our faces. YIKES!!

posted 30/7/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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