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Blog: Moon Horse in London: Opening Night

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I met Mr S Hewitt at the Euston Tap last night, after what seemed like MONTHS apart, ready for the Opening Night of Moon Horse at The Camden Fringe. We were back in the swing of things as soon as we set off for the venue, when I found myself stomping along behind Steve through rain drenched streets. It was like we'd never left Edinburgh!

All was going well until it came time to set up our gear... and we discovered a vital proper was missing. The SATAN "costume" had gone missing - I set off to find a replacement, confident that somewhere as PACKED with TAT as Camden High Road would SURELY be able to supply such a thing, only to be disappointed. Most places with CLOSED, and the ones that were open only had things with Union Jacks on them. On the advice of a GRUMPY trader pulling down his shutters I even went to a SEX SHOP round the corner, which turned out to be EXACTLY how I'd imagined such a place might be - depressing, packed with RUDE TAT, and staffed by... well, a gentleman who looked like he was actually a cast member from an extremely cliched TV show set in a sex shop. "We don't have that kind of novelty", he said.

On the way back I popped into a newsagents to be disappointed once again then suddenly had a BRANE WAVE - i could get something LIKE devils horns!

So it was then, fifteen minutes later, we took to the stage for about 20 delightful people and I was able to temporarily COOL my FEVERED HEAD (those hats have not got any less sweaty since last week!) with two STRAWBERRY CORNETTOS! AHA! They worked EXCELLENTLY tho were only a very very temporary solution, as they were EATEN by audience members soon after.

The show went really well - we had FUN and there seemed to be LARFS from the audience, who all looked PLEASED as they received their badges. It did feel a bit WEIRD tho - I'd got so used to doing it at BUFFS that it was STRANGE to NOT see myself reflected in a group photograph at the back of the room during the "Last of a mysterious race of creatures" bit, or to NOT hide behind the PA stack when Tiddy goes off to make hot chocolate, or for THE SECRET VILLAIN to NOT fall into the Fire Exit. I guess doing it in the same place 15 times leaves an IMPRESSION.

Afterwards we bumped into Ms A Nunn and Mr K Top Of The Pops, and the latter very kindly gave me a copy of his album, which is BLOODY GRATE. Then we popped down the road for a PINT (and to hear the extraordinary prospects for the IndieTANKS - or even IndieCHOCKS - festival!) before I headed home, our London run succesfully begun.

And tonight it's the FINAL night of the run - do pop along if you can, it seems to be going quite well!

posted 27/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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