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Blog: Negotiations And Christmas

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I spent a large part of yesterday emailing manufacturers, basically saying "PLEASE please PLEASE please PLEASE can you send my my CDs?" By early afternoon they had said they would come on Friday at SOME POINT - which is always ANNOYING. Surely delivery companies have a ROUGH idea what order they're going to deliver items in? Wouldn't it be better for them if they told people when they'd be there so that people would DEFINITELY be in, rather than having to try on two or three occasions until they randomly got it right?

I am aware that this is the ancient traditional cry of the Person Awaiting Delivery, and have no doubt that in a HUNDRED YEARS TIME people will be sat nervously by the airlock at 4.58pm, CURSING the Intergalactic DHL spaceship.

After FURTHER nagging it MIRACULOUSLY appeared that the albums had arrived EARLY and so would be arriving on THURSDAY! TODAY! You find me this morning ALERT to EVERY sound that ever occurs anywhere near my front door - I've made a DEAL with myself that I'll give in until 11am for them to arrive, then head to work. Me and Steve are playing CARDIFF tonight so if they DO come in time for me to take them that would be WONDERFUL, but I'm not EXPECTING it.

Anyway, once this news was in GLORY shone around and I found myself SUPERCHARGED with ROCK AND ROLL ENERGY, and so decided to CHANNEL this POWER into SONG. I thus sat down to work and finished off a song called 'Thank Goodness For Christmas' which I'd been PONDERING for the past 24 hours and not only did a demo of it, but also did a Christmas Cover Version TOO, both of which were sent off to The Validators. After initially thinking I wouldn't do a Christmas song at ALL this year I've ended up volunteering us for TWO Christmas projects. We're going to try and record everything in various homes over the next few weeks, and then I hope to get both songs mixed and added to the Christmas Selection Box over the yuletide period.

I must say 'Thank Goodness For Christmas' came out RATHER well - I'm not sure anything will ever bear The Advent Calendar Of FACT as my FAVOURITE self-written Christmas song, but like I Got You What You Want For Christmas it does come pretty close. I wonder what we'll do for a video though?

All that is for the future though - today we must sit QUIETLY and await the KNOCK which will end this long period of waiting and preparation and begin the ACTUAL RELEASE of the album! KER-ZANG!!

posted 27/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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