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Blog: The Perils Of Being Your Own Record Company

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Yesterday ought to have been a day of DELIGHT, for LO! the Dinosaur Planet albums were arriving!

I have been SO READY for this for MONTHS that it has caused me PHYSICAL PAIN. To alleviate this I tried to do as MUCH as possible to get things ready well before release day, and so my Home Office is FULL of pre-stamped pre-labelled envelopes with press releases and/or letters and/or notes, just waiting for a CD to be popped in before they go to the post box. I did wonder whether this might be tempting fate somewhat, but dismissed such superstitious foolishness.

Dally not with The Gods Of ROCK, my friends, for they shall surely SMITE you! The CDs arrived in the afternoon, by which time I had set off for Cardiff (full report to follow), so it was The Artwork On My Cover who opened the CD boxes... and rang me with the news that the first one out of the box looked a bit tatty... then rang back again a few minutes later to say they ALL lookd REALLY tatty - scuffed, pockmarked, scratched on the cover and generally poorly made. She sent me photographs of them and I had to agree. If it had been just one thing a bit wonky I wouldn't have minded, but they just looked CHEAP and POOR. We've spent SO LONG - so VERY long - working on this to make it sound as GRATE as we possibly could, and gone to the trouble of getting some AMAZING artwork done, that I wasn't going to fall at this final hurdle and go out looking half-arsed.

So it was that I learnt how to do all SORTS of things on my new phone, opening pictures, emailing and calling people various to arrange for them all to go BACK to the factory, and keeping The Vlads informed of what was going on. If you ever need to know how to work new technology I can heartily recommend a crisis on the train to Cardiff!

We'll deal with the DELIGHTS of the gig elsewhere, moving forward to today when I came home to look at the CDs for myself and find that YES, they definitely did NOT look acceptable. It's a really massive pain in the WOTSITS as it puts all sorts of things at risk. I'm hoping we can get NEW copies turned around SUPER FAST so we can keep to the original release date, but if not we'll have to postpone it, which means RE-DOING ALL the press releases, NOT having CDs for the Nottingham gig, and GROVELLING to our distributors. I really do not want to have to go through all that, but if it DOES happen I shall keep everyone fully informed!

In the meantime we will STILL be at least PARTLY opening the exciting new Dinosaur Planet website on Monday, to release our SUPER THRILLING new FREE download single, "Theme From Dinosaur Planet". It really is a thing of beauty, there's a video and EVERYTHING, i can't WAIT to show it off. Hopefully there'll be good news about the CDs to go with it too, fingers crossed!

posted 28/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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