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Blog: At Last, A Dinosaur Planet

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Yesterday morning there was a knock at our front door, and behind the frosted glass I saw the familiar figure of The DHL Delivery Man. I went out and helped carry in EIGHT boxes which I knew contained the THIRD attempt to manufcature the 'Dinosaur Planet' album.

I put them in the hall. And didn't look at them for a couple of hours.

Normally when a new CD arrives I can't WAIT to tear into the box and ADORE them but this time, after all the hassle and ANGST that's been caused by it going WRONG so much I was too TERRIFIED to look. Eventually, after some prodding from The Text On My Document I opened them up, gritted my teeth, and LOOKED.

The outside was fine. The outside looked perfect, in fact, all shiny and THIS time cut properly. The inside looked great too and the booklet had come out lovely ... but the CD onbody was THE WRONG COLOUR.


It should have been a green background with red artwork and white lettering - the lettering remained white but the art was PURPLE and the background FLOURESCENT YELLOW! I'd like to say I couldn't believe it but i totally COULD as it feels like this has been CURSED!

However, actually, it looked all right - a bit deranged and psychedelic, in fact, which fitted rather nicely. I showed it to The Colours In My Spectrum and she concurred - if it was going to be wrong, it was a pretty good type of wrong to be. Now all that lay ahead was to listen to the album, which I did TWICE with two different copies. It sounded FINE. I'd like to say it sounded AMAZING, but at this stage I was in SUCH a PANIC and DREAD that i was listening almost HOPING, definitely EXPECTING, for something to be wrong and when it wasn't it was more of a CuRT NOD of ACCEPTANCE rather than sigh of relief.

As you may have gathered, the whole experience has been JUST A LITTLE BIT STRESSFUL, and it wasn't until later in the day that things began to feel more real, as I bagged up the copies for the CAST and some other various TYPES. It was only this morning, in fact, that DELIGHT started to creep in, when The Stamp On My Letter and I went to POST them off. As the first little packets went into the post box I started to think "This is finally, actually, really HAPPENING. Within the next few days OTHER PEOPLE will have copies of this beautiful thing we've done!" We then went to the post office to send some bigger packs off and I could feel something STRANGE happening to my face. Once they'd all gone off, and we stomped towards the underground I realised what it was - a big GRIN was spreading! IT WAS DONE!

And now, an hour or two later, sat in my nice New Office (my Department has moved to MAIN SITE, it's all rather exciting) it feels like someone's taken a PAVING SLAB from off of my chest and given me a nice cup of tea. I think the BLOODY ANNOYING times are over, and the good times are about to BEGIN!

These good times include Totally Acoustic tonight, when we are BLESSED with the mighty Mr John Otway (show starts 7.30pm - REALLY starts then!) and them tomorrow we're off to GERMANY again with The Validators. I'll be selling CDs at ALL these events, and t-shirts too in Germany, then I'll put them all up online to buy from Tuesday onwards.

So, come back and see us on Tuesday and you'll be able to FINALLY see what I've been going on about all this time. It's been a long time coming, I know, but I think it's going to be worth it!

posted 8/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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loved my grandads nuts man great stuff
posted 10/1/2012 by FIN@ L@

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