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Blog: Rather Spooky

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Do not read the following if you are sitting on your own, or in the dark, or if you suffer a nervous heart condition.

This morning I recieved an email from my good friend Mr Robin Hare, with whom I went to school and travelled round Europe. More to the point, for this EERIE tale, Robin and I were in the band "The Masters Of Nothing" together when we were about 12, and one of the songs HE wrote for this band ended up being in the VOON repertoire for many years...

So anyway, I got an email saying he was going to be in London in a couple of weeks, so would I like to meet up for some BEERS? "HOORAH!" I thought, and then "DISMAY!" for it turned out that he was in town the very evening that I was booked to go and play a Private Party in Winchester. I emailed him to say sorry about my lack of availability, but as it WAS a Private Party there was a slight chance that it might get cancelled, in which case I would let him know. The very INSTANT I clicked on the "send" button my mobile phone went BEEP - it was a message from Ray In Winchester (my GIG PIMP in the South) to let me know that, unfortunately, the party booking had fallen through!

WEIRD and SCARY eh? The VERY second - but what's that you say? The title of the song Robin wrote, and it's subject matter? Why, the song was about WEIRD COINCIDENCES, and the title was RATHER SPOOKY!

Is it me, or is it cold in here?

posted 8/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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