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Blog: A Night At The Theatre

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I met up with The Lead On My Microphone last night in that traditional London Meeting Place, "underneath the giant Freddie" i.e. outside "We Will Rock You" on Tottenham Court Road, where there is a GIANT fake statue of Freddie Mercury. I was thus singing "'Neath The Giant Mercury" all the way down the street.

First of all we headed off to a Leaving Do, which was GRATE fun. When it's YOUR leaving do these can be quite NERVE WRACKED, as you're wondering who'll come, what people will say and, often, you're mostly wanting to GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE, but when it's somebody's else's they're actually rather good fun. It was especially jolly for me because it was the DO of one of The Staff On My Payroll's former colleagues, so I finally got to put FACES to some NAMES that I had heard a lot of when she'd worked there. It was ace!

Then we headed NORTH up to Camden Town and The Camden Head, scene of many past victories, for a night of COMEDY courtesy of Mr Nathaniel Metcalfe and Mr Chris Boyd. We'd seen their joint show at Edinburgh last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (around our house you can often hear us singing "He's gonna make it! He's gonna make it!" which was quite a large part of the show) so thought we'd go and see them again, with what turned out to be a try-out for both of them of New Material, as well as some of the stuff from the old show. It was DEAD GOOD, and the couple of hours FLEW by, although it was strange to be watching comedy in That London as opposed to Edinburgh. We're both so used to seeing this sort of thing THERE it feels WRONG to be elsewhere - especially when you recognise half the audience from Scotland. We'd arrived for a 7.30pm start as stated on the publicity, and were PANICKED when it didn't begin EXACTLY on time - surely we had 18 OTHER shows and then our own gig to get to? Also, when it finished, NOT having a curry and popping to The Albanach for a Posh Whisky felt AGAINST NATURE.

Luckily we had some swanky booze at HOME, so set off to get some of THAT drunk. It was a GRATE evening - I'm purposefully not saying what was IN the shows as that would spoil it rather if you went and saw it yrself, but I would advise going to see them if they're in your vicinity.

It all rather reminded me how much FUN it all was, which is extremely handy as this very evening I am back ON THE ROAD for the final hoorah of Moon Horse at The Green Dragon in Croydon with Mr S Hewitt. That IS the one with the Space Dinosaurs in it, isn't it?

posted 17/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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