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Blog: Living Out Of A Hotel

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Saturday dawned in lovely Leicester to find me UPSET by a TWIT - for LO! Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony was giving the dread news that the match with West Ham was POSTPONED due to a frozen pitch. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I'd got tickets and a BIG PLAN to meet up with The Family to go to this one, and suddenly found myself with a whole AFTERNOON On The Road with not much to do.

I know the traditional route in these situations is to SCORE DRUGS and PARTY ON, but I wasn't really in the mood for that so instead went to the PICTURES to see "Chronicle", which was ACE. It was in the swanky new cinema in the Highcross Centre, which is so big i got CONFUSED and ended up getting told off for queue jumping. I wasn't, honest, i was just LOST!

On the way back to CHEZ IBIS I had a right good old WANDER round the city centre, which was EXCELLENT fun tho also rather tinged with sadness as I passed SO MANY scenes of GOOD TIMES past in buildings which are NOT THERE anymore. I know i tend to BANG ON about this whenever Leicester is mentioned, but that's because it's SO COMMON.

Later in the day I headed out again to the pub, bumping into Ms M Miller on the way and ending up enjoying NANDO'S with her and Steve in... well, in Nando's. I got told off AGANE for queue jumping in here, when I thought we were being led to a table when actually the lady was just going to WIPE one. Leicester! I'm not a queue jumper, honest!

Duly FED we arrived at The Criterion to find it was BUSY... and got BUSIER throughout the course of the evening. A bunch of PALS arrived so we went into the GIG room... and loads of people followed us. LOADS of people - so many in fact that we SOLD OUT! "We're turning people away!" said our lovely Student door staff. It was BRILLIANT!

And, rather happily, the show itself went REALLY WELL. Man, there were LARFS in places there had hardly EVER been LARFS before, it was fantastic! I've read Richard Herring saying that playing HUGE gigs are MUCH easier than small ones because people are really UP for laughing. Goodness me, if the reaction we got from 60 people in a small pub side room is anything to go by I think playing a THEATRE would make me EXPLODE with JOY, let alone The Wembley.

It was a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! One of the best ones ever, and I was VERY glad I'd taped it, as I think it'll be forming the basis of nearly ALL the forthcoming series of podcasts.

The rest of the evening featured, if anything, even MORE LARFS, as we sat with Mr T "Tiger" McClure, Mr C Lawson and later Mr M Whitaker and talked about... well, it was an idea for an ARENA SHOW and/or FILM that probably wouldn't be quite as funny written down in the cold light of day, but was making me HOOT with laughter for the next 24 hours. It had a kitten in it, also a monkey, and we'll leave it there.

The Criterion shut at eleven and people went for BUSES, leaving me and Steve to snatch a quick NIGHT CAP back at The Pub before heading home to the Ibis. An EXCELLENT day of touring was complete!

posted 14/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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