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Blog: Passing The Winning Post

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I said farewell (for now) to my Usual Suite at the Ibis on Sunday, collected Steve from his room two doors down, and we set off for Nottingham for the FINAL (well, about from the inevitable Broadway run obviously) show for Moon Horse.

I must admit I'd been a bit worried about whether anyone would turn up, so was EXCITED to get a text message from Mr A Hale (Promoter) on the way there saying "There's 8 people here already and I don't know ANY of them!" When we arrived we found there were LOADS of people there, it looked like this was going to ROCK!

The afternoon kicked off with Hannibale Hamster AKA Mr Hale himself, featuring a RANGE of exciting instruments and delightful songs. Steve and I gravitated towards the back of the room and assumed our natural position on THE DOOR for this bit - it always seems The Right Thing To Do - before getting up and going down the front for INTERNET PHENOMENON Vom Vorton. He's got tens of THOUSANDS of hits now for Stop The Match There's A Cat On The Pitch, and we would later discuss What To Do When One Has An Interweb HIT. In the meantime I enjoyed the whole of his GRATE set - I've not seen him for AGES!

And then it was time for the final show which, to be honest, felt IN NO WAY AT ALL like a final show. I was waiting for my BRANE or BODY to go "This is the last time you'll ever perform this song" but at no point did it happen - that Broadway Run must be written in the STARS!

It was an EXCELLENT way to finish off, although I did worry at the beginning that some people might not be enjoying it. We had Super Fan Josh (age 4) down the front, who'd apparently got VERY excited about it, but appeared to be CRYING with his face HIDDEN. Ten minutes in I realised he was just SHY and was watching us via a MIRROR - phew! There were also some people I didn't know AT ALL and so, as usual, got worried in case we got another WALKOUT during the Thatcher bit, but that passed off fine. PHEW!

The show ended with LARFS and the fact that we'd featured our new QVC SECTION (i.e. telling people there was a CD to sell) we once more shifted some CDs and even a t-shirt. HOORAH!

The afternoon ended with a couple of pints and a BITE round the corner in what turned out to be a GORGEOUS former music hall - surely the perfect place for final Moon Horse drinks - and then Steve and I said our farewells and trekked off to catch the train home.

And that was that... except it doesn't feel like it at ALL. Next weekend me and Steve are back on Dinosaur Planet, doing an abbreviated version at The Event and then we'll be putting out a PODCAST version of Moon Horse in the next couple of months, but that's all we've got booked. Steve's doing THE OLYMPICS this summer and then we do have plans for a NEW SHOW this time next year, but I can't shake the feeling - OR PERHAPS HOPE - that there'll be more Moon Horse to come. It was such a lovely show to do, I just don't want it to end!

posted 16/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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It was excellent indeeed! We wanted to see Vom 'live', but after borrowing Dinosaur Planet, I knew I had to come see you too. I'm glad we my own CD (and a badge), laughed for an hour, and was humming Moon Horse ditties for days! Thank-you so much...We WILL see you again the next time you are 'up north'. P.S. I think poor Josh had a cold (all snuffles and watery eyes, but watched everything!)
posted 16/2/2012 by Karl

It was indeed ace. as for Josh, he's always got a runny nose! he had a great time, he was singing Moon Horse all the way home. Though I must say he wasn't happy when he heard the first announcements for Indietracks last night. After a brief period of dissapointment he said "maybe Hibbett will play Nozstock" he lives in hope that boy. cheers.
posted 17/2/2012 by Josh's dad.

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