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Blog: The Call Of The Road

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Doing those last few Moon Horse gigs reminded me how much i LIKE going out ON THE ROAD - the glamour of the Ibis! The luxury of the train! The delight of BEER!

And also of course the people you meet, the ROCK ACTION you get to indulge in, and the general GOOD TIMES involved, and it made me think "I would quite like to go out and do that AGAIN soon, and this time just do some NORMAL GIGS!" I've got all kinds of Strange and Unusual PERFORMANCES coming up over the next couple of weeks but, actually, it might be quite nice just to go our and play SONGS. And hey! I have, after all, got a new album out so it might be fun to go and PLAY some of it to people!

And so the call goes out: does anyone fancy putting me ON? I'm specifically looking for some dates in the week commencing Monday 16 April. I've got Mr Gavin Osborn and Mr Frankie Machine a bit involved too, and they'd BOTH be up for doing some of the dates (depending on where and when) if possible, soit is QUITE A PACKAGE! My email's mjhibbett [AT] gmail [DOT] com , if you fancy it do get in touch!

I always quite fancy doing some FESTIVALS or ALL-DAYERS with The Vlads too - we've got the Leicester Indiepop All-Dayer next month and then "Nuts In May" in... well, in May, but we'd love to do a couple more.

So come on, WORLD OF ROCK, gis a gig! Go on! GIS IT!

posted 15/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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