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Blog: TOUR REPORT: Derby

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To DERBY on Saturday afternoon, along with Mr Whitaker, for the first of the weekend's two gigs. We got to the venue to find no-one there apart from the owner, who told us we couldn't dump our gear there, as someone would probably NICK it. THUS I watched the England game with my GTR leant precariously on a nearby bar in a packed pub, although to be honest the slight TENSE WORRY i had about this was as NOTHING compared to that generated by the game itself...

Afterwards it was HO! to the venue, where I re-met Lee from MisterLee, who I'd known years and years and years ago in Leicester, specifically in THE MAG, legendary pub of legend. Also the new slimline Airport Girl were in attendance, and we had a pleasant On Tour Chat with them, especially new guitarist, who is now officially A Lovely Chap. I MISSED the presence of Mr Fleay when doing my self-administered souncheck, as I had to tune my own guitar AND get the sound of it right. CUH!

I quite enjoyed playing my set, it was, shall we say, an INTIMATE setting. I must confess, however, I did get myself a bit wound up due to certain Standard Events that keep happening and keep annoying me i.e. my name was spelt wrong on the posters, I had to go on first, and I didn't get paid. The first two alone don't really bother me, but the fact that the door money was split 50/50 between the other two acts on (i.e. The Bands), and then handed out to them in front of me as if it was The Most Obvious Thing Ever really did rather piss me off, I must confess. Mr Whitaker thought I was being a little bit PRIMA DONNA-ish about the whole thing, which may be true, but I've had YEARS of people treating me like rubbish just because a) I tend to play on my own b) I don't wank around pretending to be important [well...] and c) my songs have JOKES in them. Tom the promoter, poor lad, was quite INNOCENT of any unpleasantness about this, and I did feel a bit bad about mentioning it too him, as it was only the second gig he'd put on, but it does RILE me up no end when everybody else happily goes along with it.

GRR! ANYWAY, afterwards Mr Whitaker and I went for a LOVELY curry round the corner with the LOVELY Moo and Ann-Marie, to discuss/celebrate our recent signing of Moo to AAS. Well, actually we talked about cats most of the time, but this was after we'd agreed on the New Modern Working Model Of ROCK which we'll be using for the Dr Coca Cola McDonalds album. More news, as and when...

The evening drew to a close with Mr Whitaker and I wobbling through the streets of Derby and feeling very pleaed with ourselves when we managed to find our way back to Mr Fleay's. Also I felt very much On Tour, as it was 2.30am and I was STILL OUT! ROCK!

posted 13/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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