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Blog: Interlude: Trains, Cars, Football, Buses

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I awoke EARLY on Sunday, missing my WOMAN and eager to get on and DO things to take my mind off it, and so HEAVED the Whitaker out of his sleeping bag and set off for the Railway Station... where we found that the next TWO trains to Leicester had been cancelled. Why don't they just put a sign up outside railway stations saying "Thinking of travelling on a Sunday? DON'T." eh? THUS we had a McDonalds Breakfast and didn't get to Leicester until about 11.30. Part of my SCHEME for being On Tour is to see some FILMS in the spare hours, but when I got to the pictures the only film I had time to see was The Italian Job.

Amazingly, it was BLOODY GRATE! OK, it's almost completely different from the original (There's a Mr Bridger and a Charlie Croker, they fiddle traffic lights, and they use red white and blue minis - that's it), but it was ACE all on its own. Seth Green was dead good, and the bits with the Minis were FAB. I liked it!

EMERGING from the cinema I was confused to find loads of people in yellow football shirts lurking around. Leicester's away kit used to be yellow, but why would they ALL be wearing that? And actually, why would they be playing the day after an international? On closer examination they turned out to be wearing BRAZIL shirts, and I discovered that Actual BRAZIL, properly BRAZIL with the real players and everything, were playing JAMAICA! In LEICESTER! Seeing cars full of heavily accented Jamaican guys getting directions from mixed up groups of happy Leicester people in yellow reminded me of just what a LOVELY city Leicester really is. I SWELLED with (adopted) Civic Pride!

I then bought The Great Big Indie Directory (or something) at Tim's request, and was amazed to find ME mentioned in the Cha Cha 2000 addendum to Prolapse's entry - surname spelt correctly too! I leafed through it as I rode the 121 bus to Woodhouse Eaves, where I would join said Mr Pattison to commence our journey to HULL...

posted 13/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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