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Blog: BCB Radio Session

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I got to Bradford about quarter past two in the afternoon, and ambled over to the Musuem of Photography, to meet Tim Eames (DJ of your dreams) to record a radio session. It turned out he was actually working at a Day Care Centre which had its own radio station, so the session took place there. It was LOVELY - a couple of the regulars were in on the session, and asked some questions too, and it was generally a Relaxed Vibe. That is, until Tim asked if I could do "Born With The Century"... the correct answer was "no", but I only got to this after FIVE attempts, none of which got past the second verse. OY! It all seemed to go very quickly anyway, and then it was HO! for Leeds, with several hours to go until the gig itself...

posted 17/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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