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Blog: Gratuitous Imagery

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A couple of things to feast yr eyes on today - to start with, glance casually to the right of the screen and you will note that the TOTALISER is now standing at a mighty FIFTY sales! That's fifty ACTUAL sales to REAL people who WANTED to buy the album - FANTASTIC!!

I really am extremely happy about this, and am even MORE determined to forge on and get to our target of 100 SALES. I don't expect to get there on this bit of "tour" - in the past six gigs we've sold about 10 copies, and I'll be MORE than happy if I sell that many in the next six - but there'll be more gigs in the new year, and hopefully some more Cunning Schemes to encourage people to buy them. It WILL happen!

And talking of cunning schemes, the Other Image for today is an idea I'm MULLING over for the next batch of recordings and gigs... seeing Being 747 Smartly Dressed made me think about how we look on stage. This combined with the Eddy in Hull's suggestion to make some t-shirts, and my THORTS on the NEXT album ("Team Valid", at the moment), led me to draw up this image.

I think it rather suits him, don't you?

posted 27/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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