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Damn your eyes, Will Young! Not only do you PERPLEX me by being inexplicably liked by my otherwise classy, tasteful LADY, now you take the battle one step further by taking over my studio time!

I'm off to Bristol tomorrow to play at the Purr night at the Cube Cinema, it's going to be ACE - I'm even staying in an HOTEL overnight, put up by the aforesaid classy LADY who was distressed to hear about me staying in a basement when I stayed in Leeds (actually I think she was more distressed when I told her I'd gone up to a man in the toilets and asked if I could go home with him, but I DID know him from before, honest!). To add even MORE to the fun I'd arranged to go to STAR FM and record a session for Gary Smith's radio show, hopefully doing some IDENTS for him like last time.

HOWEVER, Gary emailed me this morning to ALERT me to the fact that, despite our session being booked in for OVER A MONTH, "Lord" William Young, the posh git, had decided to take over the studio for the afternoon, so that he could broadcast his CORPORATE OPINIONS to the local radio stations of Britain. The swine.

Undeterred, Mr Smith presented me with a Cunning Plan - we'll record the session in the Hotel Room! OH YEAH! Rock! and also ROLL! Maybe I will through some complimentary shower gel out of the window while I'm at it!

I must say I'm REALLY looking forward to this weekend of ROCK - Bristol tomorrow, seeing OTWAY in London on Friday, then off to Birmingham on Saturday night and then Nottingham on Sunday. Expect a very TIRED Hibbett come Monday morning...

posted 29/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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