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Blog: Totally Acoustic Podcast

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Let the world THRILL to the news, for LO! after a gap of MANY months there is finally a brand new Totally Acoustic podcast to download!

This was recorded last month and features not only ME doing a couple of songs but also the very very marvellous Enderby's Room. Their set sounds GORGEOUS - I know I always say this, but I do still find it remarkable how BEAUTIFULLY acoustical instruments sound together when they're unencumbered by amplification. It's how they're DESIGNED to be played, and they sound GRATE - especially when HARNESSED to songs as lovely as the songs that this lot play. It's ACE!

And after them there is music of a slightly LESS crafted/delicately played nature, in the form of me and Steve doing Total Hero Team. I thought the best way to present it here would be to just have some short excerpts, with three full songs (presented here online for the first time EVER!). It kind of makes sense, I think - see what you reckon!

I rather enjoyed putting it all together - one of the very few Transferable Skills that I have transferred FROM work to ROCK (rather than the other way round, which has happened surprisingly often) is the fact that when I did the first few podcasts I documented EVERYTHING i needed to do, which has been a BOON over the years, making the whole process much easier to repeat. This meant i was free to listen to it all a couple of times and enjoy the lovely SOUNDS - tho as per, choosing WHICH songs to put in was harder work. Hope you enjoy my choices!

posted 25/4/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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