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I had to get up at the INHUMAN hour of 7am on Sunday, to get to Birmingham New Street Station to catch the Bizarrely Early Train back to London - BIZARRE because there were no others going that way for about four hours afterwards. Travelling on public transport on a Sunday is a MUGS GAME, but I had to do it for LO! it was the last of our DANCE LESSONS at 1pm, and I wasn't going to miss it. At Northampton we got put onto replacement buses, but I eventually arrived in London in good time, TRIUMPHANT at my victory over Sunday Trains, only to find that The Leaves On My Tree was still stuck in East London, as the Central Line was once again OFF... aah, Public Transport! You rule with a rod of IRON!

Anyway, we eventually got there a bit late, and it was BRILLIANT. As I probably mentioned before, it's LINDY HOP, also known as JITTERBUG, also known as That Really Cool Rock and Roll Swinging About Dancing. YES! Come the next Wedding Reception, we is going to ROOL the dance floor, oh YEAH!

The best thing of all was that the teacher came over to me halfway through and said I was really good, and at the end came over to tell Charlotte the exact same thing. MAN, i was so PLEASED about this you wouldn't believe it, and we had to go to the PUB to give me sufficient time to SHOW OFF about Being Good At A Physical Activity. If there has ever been a more CHUFFED man on a Sunday afternoon in Marylebone I would shake his hand and say "You must be WELL chuffed!", because he'd have to be.

So, with a skip in my step and a 5-6-7-8 in my soul I set off for the station yet AGAIN, to head for Nottingham...

posted 3/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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