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Bleh. You find me back at work after a DAY OFF feeling absolutely bloody awful. The entire nation appears to be about to catching/suffering from/recovering from The First Cold Of The Winter just at the moment, and since last Thursday I've felt the virus sniffling around the outskirts of my being. I guess the mighty Healing Power Of ROCK was keeping it at bay, but, post-ROCK, on Monday afternoon, it DESCENDED upon me. It was also - ahaha! - Post-Rock, in that the whole thing was annoying, dull, and went on far too long. Aha! Do you see what I did there?

All right, suit yourselves... the GOOD thing about this was that I got to lie in bed and watch series One AND Two of "Spaced" again on DVD. It was GRATE! Awoke this morning to find myself well on The Mend, so hopefully all will be well again for Saturday, when I ROCK Winchester - blimey though, after all this ROCK IN ROW, it feels like an awfully long time to wait!

posted 5/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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