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Blog: Nickleodeon And Eye Drops

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It was a funny old day yesterday. I spent the morning dashing around the flat doing admin, practicing songs, and FINALLY getting started on the Actual Script of the New Show (featuring JOKES!). I'd planned to go for lunch in the John Lewis cafe as I have a My John Lewis card (CLASSY) and had not yet used my Free Tea And Cake Voucher for July, so what with all the dashing about it was only as I was heading off that I noticed I had a VOICEMAIL on my phone.

I checked it and CRIKEY OH RILEY it was someone from the Nickleodeon Writing Program, asking me to ring back. It's a Super Exciting Thing which seeks to recruit someone to work for Nickleodeon for six months, WRITING stuff, including six weeks in CALIFORNIA with the American operation. They came to talk to us at SKOOL a while ago and I ended up sending in a spec script for "The Big Bang Theory" .

I was all of a WHIRL - I'd known it was coming up for time for them to be ringing people, but I never thought I'd be lucky enough to get through. Maybe they were ringing people who'd been rejected? I went to John Lewis, got a coffee and SCONE, and sat myself down. I took a deep breath, rang them back, and GOOD GRIEF but it turned out I'd got through to the SEMI-FINALS! I had a lovely chat with the nice chap there, arranging a time for a phone interview with The Boss, and he told me that I'd be asked to send in ANOTHER script, so had three weeks to do it. "Oh, I've already written it" I said - I thought you would get NO notice, so had written a spec script for "New Girl" just in case. I quite like it I must say, so was now VERY happy that someone was actually going to read it.

All things considered "very happy" pretty much described my mood. Doing this Trying To Be A Writer thing is good fun but doesn't half involve a lot of rejection, so it was lovely to have GOT somewhere. Now all I have to do is be DELIGHTFUL when we do the interview: what could possibly go wrong eh?

Directly after that I had to go to Homerton Hospital to get my eyes checked. Homerton appears to be the world centre of SWEARING - EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE was Effing and also Jeffing like nobody's business, it was alarming! Inside, in a funny kind of way, it was nice to be back in a hospital - my first proper job was in a hospital, so the horrible smell is strangely comforting - though I was a bit worried that I'd upset the receptionist. "Ethnic Group!" she BARKED at me. "White British?" I said - ALL the studies I've ever worked on have this as a category. She looked at me as if I'd just burnt down the Reichstag. "I'll put ENGLISH" she said. Yikes!

I then ended up waiting for TWO HOURS, but it was made OK by the fact that the head nurse came round every 10-15 minutes and explained what was happening and exactly how late they were running. If train companies did the same sort of thing life would be MUCH easier. The actual examination didn't take long - most of it was me and the doctor competing to see who was most short-sighted. I won! HA! - and in the end it turned out everything was FINE. Hoorah!

I staggered out into the daylight blinking like MAD though - they'd put drops in my eyes to make the irises MASSIVE, so I must have looked like a drug crazed LOONIE to everyone I met. I did feel a bit CRAZED by the events of the day so far, a day which had still excitement to come. For lo! that evening I was due to rock Croydon!

posted 1/8/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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Well done that man!
posted 1/8/2014 by Ray K

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