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Blog: "MJ Hibbett feat Gary Smith"

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Lucky listeners in Bristol will know this already, but my SESSION with Gary Smith went out on his show Bristol Uncovered on Sunday, on Star 107.3 FM. HOORAH! This was the show we recorded in my hotel room, as Will Young had COMMANDEERED the studio we were supposed to be using. It was a very JOLLY hour spent singing and doing an interview we consisted of me DRONING ON for HOURS, almost as if I had thought of MANY MANY answers to questions and was trying to fit them all in at the same time. Due to the Will Young ACTION I did my DELIGHTFUL version of "Evergreen" (which I'll put up on the site, for ChRISTMAS, if I can get hold of a copy) and, amongst other things, "Easily Impressed" with Gary doing the audience participation bit, hence its listing as "MJ Hibbett feat. Gary Smith" on the tracklistings. Bless.

In other news, have turned down a GIG today, supporting Hammill On Trial in Nottingham this Saturday ... shame really, would have been GRATE, but Dr Neil Brown is a-visiting this weekend, and I am going to a) get him drunk and b) persuade him that he should let me produce "Dog On The Horizon" for him. AHA!

posted 2/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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