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Blog: Spaced Out

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You find me today a bit SPACED OUT through lack of KIP. The Beans On My Toast has been REALLY REALLY poorly for the past three days and has been up all night with FEVER and all sorts of unpleasantness. It's been absolutely horrible, to be quite honest with you dear reader, but the HEAT seems to have finally calmed down a bit this morning, and she's on some soluble Aspirin, which should help with a) the agonising head pain and b) the dehydration. Man ALIVE you should have seen the SWEAT and HEAT pouring off of her, it was awful. If anybody has some spare LOVE VIBES, please direct a few over to E11 where she is hopefully resting now, under the care of The Lovely Landlady, who has stayed at home today so that I can come into work, and also to visit the BBC later on tonight.

It should be FUN - I've got a Choral Group of about 10 people lined up, and have cunningly managed to SIDESTEP the problem of not knowing the "Jules Rimet" equivalent name of the tournament's cup, so all is GO.

The only drawback is my 1,000 yard stare at the moment - if, when it's broadcast, you hear me go suddenly silent and fall off my chair, you'll know what's happened...

posted 11/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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