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Blog: My Vote For Christmas Number One

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Yes, I know you don't actually VOTE for it, but still, if you DID, i would be putting my cross next to The Darkness this year. Until very recently i LOATHED The Darkness - that sort of awful cod-operatic heavy metal was shit when Queen did it, and it's still shit now (the fact that The Bloody Queen Musical is round the corner from my work, and that every morning I am greeted by a 20 foot tall Freddy Mercury and a loud and awful Bloody Queen song as I emerge from the TOOB has only served to further CEMENT this opinion). HOWEVER, since getting our wonderful digibox i have seen The LIGHT ... or, rather, the VIDEO! AAAH! Now i see! It's FUNNY!

You'd've thought I could have guessed this earlier really, but there we go... so yes, HOORAH for the Darkness Christmas Song, especially that bit where he's sitting in Krazy Trousers looking confused, then answers the door to the choir. BRILLIANT. And if it's not that one, then can it be that lovely Donnie Darko one please? As long as it's not the Pop Idols, even the Inexplicably Popular With The Young People smugness of Avid Merrion would be all right. Just about.

posted 17/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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