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Blog: Christmas Gig

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I was off to distant Brixton yet again last night (or rather, distant Clapham North) to play at the last band standing Christmas Gig. It was lovely. Saw a couple of bands, and particularly enjoyed Ormonroyd's EXTRA SLOW version of "Stop The Cavalry", it felt WELL Christmassy. My bit went OK - "Girlfriend Alarmed" went all right, "Billy Jones Is Dead" felt really good (as it always seems to lately), and all in all it was FUN, especially debating whether the fact that I had done my Christmas Shopping or not was of interest to anyone. I think it was.

I got DRAWN into an internal debate re. Talking At Gigs, as one woman spent the entire gig right down the front with her back to me SHOUTING to her two friends who seemed to be watching... now, I'm not one of these Folk Idiots who think you should be SILENT at a gig - after all, if you've paid to get in you've got a right to do what the heck you like, but it always seems a bit MENTAL when people go RIGHT to the front to pointedly ignore whoever's on stage. If nothing else, it makes it REALLY hard to hear what people are saying when the person you're ignoring has a MASSIVE P.A. to out-shout you with.

ANYWAY, there was much love and pleasantness afterwards, although during his set Mr T-T said "Not all London Bands are shit!" That may well be true, in a strictly factual sense, but then Eminem isn't really Gay either, now is he?

posted 22/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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