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Blog: Sales Targets Achieved

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As part of the overall JOLLITY of the evening I sold TWO copies of the album - HOORAY! You will thus note from the totaliser to the right of your screen that my long-held DREAM - getting two-thirds of the way to 100 Sales by Christmas - has thus been REALISED, with a proud total of 67 copies BOUGHT. This makes me very happy indeed, so thanks LOTS to Andrew, Ben, Chris, Christopher, Craig, Cris, Dave, David, Duncan, Ed, Eddy, Emily, Filipo, Gez, Greg, Jason, Kas, Kevin, Kim, Lee, Mark, Michael, Neil, Owen, Paul, Peter, Rob, Robert, Scott, Stephen, Steve and Will, the many people at gigs who bought copies whose names I never found out, and the small but delightfully old fashioned group who bought copies in the shops. Thanks!

posted 22/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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