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Blog: Not What He Was After

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Now, I know that "Humorous Referrals" are a MASSIVE cliche for anyone doing blogs and what have you, but sod it - someone came to my site looking for the search phrase "wet and nude". I believe he (or indeed she) may have been looking for something SAUCY - one can only imagine their disappointment (and probably sudden LOSS of desire to see anything rude for a while) when they found THIS. It's my description of the INCIDENT in January when I was turfed out of the ULU swimming pool and had to walk round the building wearing only swimming trunks and tin-foil.

Me in trunks and tin-foil is SEVENTEENTH on MSN's list of top Wet And Nude sites! Should I start charging people to read this HOT stuff yet, do you think?

posted 23/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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