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Blog: Come And Be In A Video!

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As part of the preparations for our NEW ALBUM I have been aquainting myself with the Modern Media Landscape where Things,it seems, have very much Changed. Where once you had to send an album and press release to newspapers/magazines three months before release and then do loads of gigs, now it appears that you have to "stream" lots of "content" to "blogs" and "premiere" "exclusives" before your album "drops".

Yes daddio, I AM available for consultancy purposes - send me a FAX.

As long-term chums will know we are not AVERSE to a bit of futuristic media interaction - some would say we were PIONEERS of the viral video, I couldn't possibly comment - and so we have been laying PLANS for STUFF to do. One of these SCHEMES is to do some VIDEOS and the first off these is going to be for 20 Things To Do Before You're 30... and we'd like your help to make it, please.

We'd like to make a CROWD SOURCED video, with each LINE in the verses represented by a very short clip. You can see examples of this in the video for our song A Little Bit, where people took a line, interpeted it however they thought best, sent it in and the I edited it together. We'd like to do the same again, so if that sounds APPEALING to you, all you need to do is read the words, choose a line, then go to this spreadsheet and put your email address next to the line you'd like to do* - if your first choice is gone you can put yourself down as "understudy" or just choose another.

Once that's sorted out all that remains is to FILM your clip (about 2 to 4 seconds should work, though I can edit it at my end if needs be), send it to me at mjhibbett2 gmail com then sit back and wait for the ACCLAIM! Closing date is Sunday 5 June and there's further details here - I hope it sounds like fun, I reckon it's going to be GRATE!

* I know a couple of people had trouble accessing the spreadsheet at first - I've UPDATED the settings now, so if it didn't work for you before please try again!

posted 3/5/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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4secs of video, 15mins of fame: I'm in :)
posted 3/5/2016 by dave gumble

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