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Blog: Kooba!

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I headed off to London Bridge last night, where I met the Kooba Radio kids in the PUB, ready to do their live broadcast. We eventually went to the Redwire Design Studios nearby, and it was like something off the TELLY. You know when you see super-modern interweb type start-up companies, in repeats of programs that were slightly out of date but seemed modern a couple of years ago? That was what THIS place was like - there was an open plan kitchen! A sofa! Video and DVD and STUFF! Also the bathroom WAS a bathroom, i.e. it had a BATH and TOWELS and things in it! It was MOST plush, i was impressed.

We LURKED about for a bit while things got sorted, and things seemed to go quite well for a while - we were a bit drunkened by now, so there was much ZOO style radio hitting the (digital) air waves, I expected MR ANGRY to telephone us any minute. I did my Kooba Jingle, there was MORE laffs and japery, and after about an hour came to the microphone to do my Christmas ATAK on "Winter Wonderland."

Throughout this rendition I noticed John and Alex giving each other LOOKS of MOUNTING PANIC - OK, it wasn't my BEST rendition, but surely it wasn't THAT bad? Imagine my distress then, dear reader, when as soon as they'd finished PANIC buttons were pressed, and the EMERGENCY TAPE for when things go HORRIBLY WRONG was played - i had BROKE it!

Ten minutes later we were OFF air and the first live broadcast was OVER! Now, they SAID it wasn't anything to do with my yuletide bellowing, but it's a bit suspicious isn't it? It was a LOVELY night out anyway, they am GROOVY people and there was BOOZE swishing around, also a couple of chocolate biscuits, so it was a Happy Hibbett who stalked off into the night towards the Northern Line and home.

posted 23/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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