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Blog: Croydon Will Not Fall

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Wednesday evening last week saw me wending my post-work way to Croydon, where I was due to appear on the Joyzine Radio Show on Croydon Radio.

I was delayed on the way by LIGHTNING hitting various train tracks and thus slowing the rest of the network down, so it was a very flustered and sweaty Hibbett who RAN into St Matthews Yard (where the station's based) as the church clock was finishing off its chiming of the hour. Luckily Mr P Maps had started the show with a record, so I was able to slip into the interviewee's chair as if nothing had happened.

Things kicked off well with some chat and some records. He'd asked me to choose three of my tracks to play and three of other people's, so I went for songs by Frankie Machine, Gavin Osborn and Robberie. I'd thought I ought to pick a Chris T-T one, as his (EXCELLENT) new album 9 Green Songs has just come out, but then I realised that he'd been on the show HIMSELF a week or two ago, so the people of Croydon were already TT-aware!

Ten minutes in Paul looked CONCERNED. "We may have a problem", he said. Apparently sometimes the broadcast from the studio doesn't work, so the station automatically broadcasts something else instead. He assured me that all was well - most of their listeners come from the podcast, which is recorded separately - so we carried on as we were. We had more chat, played more records, I did live versions of Can We Be Friends and It Only Works Because You're Here, and soon our hour was up, broadcast or not!

Next morning I got an email from Croydon Radio to say that the podcast was online, and I discovered that we HADN'T been broadcast live as the playlist was the Emergency one that had been put out instead. However the podcast very much WAS the one we'd recorded, and Paul has since corrected the playlist so you can now enjoy it in ALL its glory by listening to it online.

I think it came out quite well, despite the LIGHTNING and other mishaps - even if my bits aren't much cop, the other records are GRATE!

posted 13/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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