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Apologies for the lack of UPDATES here just lately - ROCK stuff has been occurring but it's been almost entirely ADMIN e.g. posting things, sending emails, getting ready for a website update etc etc etc. Yesterday, however, was basically a WEEK'S worth of THRILLZ all rammed into one day!

It kicked off with a DELIGHTFUL morning highly reminiscent of my life about a year ago, when I was off work and cavorting around. I went first to Gosh Comics, where I bumped into Mr R Johnston of Bleeding Cool, there to film a FILM, and had a right old chat with him about all sorts, including the PhD which I'm starting in October. He said he might be able to help me contact some of the Marvel Bullpen from the 70s, which would be EXTREMELY helpful!

After a chat with Mr N Metcalfe and a TRIM of my Pull List I set off for The BBC Secret Window, that hallowed and SECRET place where you can hand over all your CD packages for DJs without having to spend CA$H on postage. It's moved since my last visit and now you have to BUZZ a doorbell to be allowed inside and then scan all your packages through an X-RAY machine before they'll accept them. I had a LOT so it took a while, but then it was DONE - all CDs have now been either handed over or POSTED to radio DJs, so be ALERT for possible radio play over the coming days!

I wandered happily through Fitzrovia to my next appointment - lunch with Mr J Dredge. It was lovely wandering through that part of town. I'm working mostly in Hammersmith and White City at the moment and, with the best will in the world, it is not QUITE as nice! John and I had a good old chat about a stand-up character what he is working on at the moment, which I am sort of helping to script edit, and we discussed a) high falutin' ideas b) GAGS for a DELIGHTFUL hour.

That done I headed home to watch the England VS Wales game which was mostly boring for the first half and mostly NOT boring for the second. However, while that was going on I started to see the news coming in from Birstall about the murder of Jo Cox. Everybody's had a lot to say on this and I don't think my opinions on it will make much difference, it just felt horribly horribly depressing.

I thus set off for my gig that night at The Croydon Comedy Festival REALLY not in the mood for it. I arrived to find Mr T Eveleigh setting up in much the same way. We talked about how we could make the evening work, as just doing a normal gig didn't feel right. I was happy to pass responsibility for deciding onto others, choosing instead to go for a PINT with Mr S Hewitt and various CHUMS who had arrived. We sat out the back and talked about The Football, which was just what we all needed - chatting and laughing about something that doesn't really matter AT ALL in the face of events which DO, but which feel out of our control.

THUS by the time SHOW time rolled around the mood was back in place. It kicked off with Ms J Lockyer who was GRATE - featuring new songs! - and then ME, doing this:
  • The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B)
  • That Guy
  • In The North Stand
  • Can We Be Friends?
  • (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock
  • It Only Works Because You're here
  • 20 Things To Do Before You're 30
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • I must say I REALLY enjoyed myself. It feels like AGES since i last did an actual gig and I've not done any practicing or anything, so was PLEASED and SURPRISED by how easy it was to get back into it. I also found myself talking even MORE than usual - like everybody else, the events of the day had made me feel VULNERABLE and so I found myself speaking in depth about the stories behind the songs i.e. not my usual pre-song PATTER, but actual FEELINGS. Goodness!

    Next up was Ms G Petrie who was, of course, ASTONISHING. Every time I play with her I am surprised anew by how AMAZING she is - I was very very glad I had been on before her, and did not envy final act Mr G Osborne who had to follow her although, OF COURSE, he managed it perfectly. It was BRILLIANT being back with my TOURING BUDDIES - we're next playing together at the Towersey Festival and I for one CANNOT WAIT!

    The only downside of all this FUN was that, by the time it had all finished, it was 11:30pm and i was in South Norwood i.e. a LONG LONG way from home. Luckily Jenny VERY kindly gave Steve and I a lift to East Croydon so we could catch trains into London Actual, and I managed to get back to The Olympical Village just after 1am. It's been AGES since I was last out that late, but it had been worth it - what a day!

    posted 17/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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