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Blog: New Look

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Keen eyed observers of this website will have noticed that we have a whole NEW LOOK today! This has come in for two reasons - firstly obviously BRANDING, what with the new album coming out soon*, and secondly in order to make it easier to use the site on a TELEPHONE. I know that the majority of my regular visitors are probably viewing this on an Amstrad PCW plugged into the wall, but apparently these days THE KIDS are looking at the interweb on their mobile phones so I thought I ought to at least make an effort.

Also - FULL DISCLOSURE - I've often found it really difficult to get to the gigs page when I'm on the way to a venue but can't remember the address!

I hope you like it - I know it's not quite as COLOURFUL as the longstanding Dinosaur Planet inspired scheme, but hopefully it will prove to be a bit more useable!

* talking of which, I'm thinking that we might make the album available to newsletter subscribers a little bit earlier than originally planned. Watch your INBOX on Friday 24th chums!

posted 20/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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