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Blog: Back To Brentwood

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I spent the Saturday afternoon just gone catching the fast train to Shenfield for what would apparently be my SEVENTH appearance on the Brentwood's Only Alternative radio show. I was meant to have been there the week before but it had rained SO much that the trains had been CANCELLED. It worked out MUCH more easily this time, and Mr P Golder picked me up from the station to headed on over to the Phoenix FM studio.

The FIRST time I appeared on Phoenix FM was 12 years ago ("You are The Fall to my John Peel", said Paul), when it had had a temporary licence and had been based in a small room above a youth club disco. It's MUCH swankier now with ROOMS and EQUIPMENT and CHAIRS and EVERYTHING. Paul and I relaxed in the second studio while we waited for show time and had SUCH a right old natter that we forgot the time and had to RUN into the main room before the news finished!

This would be pretty much how the entire session would go - we started NATTERING and went on so long that I had to keep reminding myself I WASN'T just sat in a pub and so MUST NOT SWEAR. We covered diverse topics such as If Kratfwerk Did A Panto and Cover Versions Of Other Radio Shows but also managed to go through ALL the songs on Still Valid, explaining what they were about, and I did THREE songs, THUS:

  • (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock
  • In The North Stand
  • We Did It Anyway

    The songs actually went quite well- I'm not gigging much at the moment so I always worry that I'll a) forget the words and b) not be able to sing at ALL, but it seemed to go OK. You can judge for yourself with the videos BELOW:

    I had, it must be said, a BLOODY LOVELY time - it would be WRONG if we ever released an album without going to tell Paul about it, so I was most pleased to have managed it in DEFIANCE of the elements!

    posted 5/7/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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