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I'm very VERY pleased to say that today we're PREMIERING our brand new video for 20 Things To Do Before You're 30 over on For The Rabbits. Go an have a look, it's GRATE!

The video was put together over many weeks in VARIOUS ways. Firstly we put out a call for help asking people to submit CLIPS to go with the lines of the song. A core group of MARVELLOUS chums answered this call and, once those were all in, I coerced Mr S Hewitt and Mr W Pilkington to help me fill in a few of the gaps. MEANWHILE Tim, Emma and Tom gathered on a street corner in Leicester to film UN HOMAGE to That Bob Dylan Video What Everyone Rips Off for use in the CHORUSES and elsewhere.

I'm pretty sure that this methodology is used in HOLLYWOOD, by the way. "What, we didn't film enough light saber battles? Quick, let's go to the pub and film a bit there, it'll be fine!"

I then spent a couple of evenings lining everything up and TEST SCREENING it to The Audience In My Auditorium and Validators, then gently re-editing it until it was the MEISTERWERK you see before you today. I'm quite pleased with the results I must admit. It might not be the SLICKEST or most COHERENT video you'll ever see, but it does feature some of the MOST DELIGHTFUL people!

posted 11/7/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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