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Blog: Transmedia Outputs

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You discover me up to my EARS in PROJECTS today, as many and various things pass through disparate stages of completion. If that sounds like it was written by someone who has completed a lot of FORMS lately, then that is because it WAS.

For LO! one of the aforementioned THINGS has been filling in the form to apply for some FUNDING for my PhD. I applied last year, got to interview stage, and apparently JUST missed out due to a) my first degree (almost as if saying "all the COOL kids got a DESMOND" doesn't count anymore?!?) and b) the fact that I didn't know what they were on about when they asked about what "methodology" I would be using. I have thus been BONING UP on this and other academic terms and now have a BRANE full of words like "convergence", "cultural studies", "transmedia" and "performative". If you see me in the near future PLEASE do not ask me about any of the above as I fear it will make my head EXPLODE!

I've also been preparing for a couple of EVENTS what are upcoming. The first of these is our gig in NOTTINGHAM supporting The Wave Pictures. According to Gig Promoter Mr A Hale tickets (available here) are very nearly SOLD OUT, which makes it all a lot less stressful for us and indeed HIM, but there has still had to be discussions between Validators about transport, arrival times, setlists and, VITALLY, what we're having for our tea. I think it's going to be CHIPS!

The second event is our new Lost City Writers play All In The Same Boat. I've been sorting out the programme, which looks LOVELY, but can reveal that tickets for this one are NOT nearly sold out, so if you're about in That London on 11 and 12 November please do come, it'll be good, I promise!

And then there's been the preparations for the Can We Be Friends? video, what is out TOMORROW! I showed it to The Frames In My Clip the other night and was suddenly aware that it is FANTASTIC. She's the first person outside of The Validators or Mr C Porsz (whose photographs we're using) to see it, and as she ENJOYED it I realised that it is a LOVELY piece of work to look at (and also to listen to, OBVS). Chris has tracked down the subjects of some of his old photographs, taken on the mean streets of Peterborough in the 1980s, and re-staged them. The results are INTENSELY moving and I'm right excited about showing it to people, especially as it ties into the release of his new BOOK!

It is, in short, ALL GO as usual - but I think ALL GOOD!

posted 3/11/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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