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Blog: Arrival

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I went to the PICTURES the other day, to see the film 'Arrival'. I had read lots of interesting things about it, but the main SPUR to go and actually SEE it was a slew of twitter comments from sci-fi websites saying "Here's what we think of the AMAZING ending to 'Arrival' - SPOILERS!"

THUS I thought I'd better go before I found out what happened, and OH BOY was I ever glad I did, as it is FANTASTIC. It's slowly paced, like the PLATONIC IDEAL of a late 60s/early 70s sci-fi such as '2001' or 'Silent Running' but with excellent modern day special effects. There's not a huge amount of EXPLOSIONS or ACTION but there is a LOT of drama - it's about ALIENS arriving, and it's EXTREMELY satisfying to see how very ALIEN the aliens are. The only time I've seen anything like them was in that "Torchwood: Children Of Earth", which this film is otherwise pretty much nothing like.

The STORY is about trying to communicate with these aliens, which is something that never seems to cause much trouble in regular sci-fi, but here is the whole point. I won't go into any detail about what happens... except to say that I have seen an AWFUL LOT of sci-fi films and READ about a hundred thousand million of them, but I have NEVER seen or read a story like this before. It features an actual real-life bona fide NEW IDEA! I could hardly believe it!

So yes - 'Arrival' is DEAD GOOD, I heartily recommend seeing it before someone tells you properly what it's about!

posted 14/11/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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