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Blog: Licked By A Radioactive Badger

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Monday lunchtime found me in London's FITZROVIA district of London for a meeting with Mr J Dredge, where we covered SEVERAL different forms of our mutual output.

First of all we recorded John doing some VOCALS for a song we're putting together for a THING: a cover of The Day We Fall In Love by The Monkees. I had never heard the song before we started doing this, and in a way I am sort of glad because it is BLOODY AWFUL. It's like somebody said "'What A Wonderful World' is a lovely song, let's try and do something almost exactly the same but without any of the wit, empathy, tune or POINT." I thought I liked EVERYTHING The Monkees had ever released, but clearly I was DELUDED!

It's taken me AGES to record the backing track as it was really difficult to get a grip on the structure of the song - it's so RUBBISH and half-arsed that I couldn't work out which bit went where. Eventually I DID manage to work it out, record it, and stick it onto my 4 track so that John could do his vocals - when I put it all back together later that evening it actually sounded dead nice. The next step is to MUCK IT UP!

Anwyay, with that bit of vocals done we went for some LUNCH (we are dead sophisticated) and discussed some other future possibilities. One of these was the idea of writing a SPEC SCRIPT - John had a chat with a Professional Writer the other day, who told him that the way to get WORK writing on TV shows was to write an original script A BIT LIKE the show you want to write for, then send it to the people who MAKE that show. This sounds pretty sensible to me - it's like in America where you write a spec based on an EXISTING show that is LIKE, but NOT, the show you want to write for - so we had a MARVELOUS half an hour coming up with ideas for a daft 10 minute cartoon show about someone who gets licked by a radioactive badger and then goes crime fighting with his Mum. I mean, COME ON - do we even need to WRITE the script? Surely THAT as a logline is enough to secure a film deal right NOW?

Hollywood! Call me!

posted 17/11/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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