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Blog: On The World Tonight

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On Monday evening I was PUZZLED by a tweet from Mr J Grayson saying "Was that really a quick blast of @MJHibbett on Radio 4's The World Tonight just then?" Very occasionally people say things like this and, like UFOs, there is almost always a more reasonable explanation e.g. when a member of my family says "I've just heard you on the radio!" you can pretty much bet that they have heard Billy Bragg!

THUS I turned to the BBC iPlayer and flicked through Monday night's edition of The World Tonight to see what could have been going on. "If it IS on there it'll be at the end, with the Light Hearted Items" I thought, and BLOW ME but I was RIGHT! The final item was all about people sharing washing machines and HOLY MOLY they played a BLAST of Another Man's Laundry (hanging on your line) (about 44 minutes in)! A whole verse and chorus of it!

I was AMAZED, also PLEASED because it actually sounded DEAD GOOD. I guess it COULD be that there's someone working on the show who likes my/our stuff, but I think the more Scientifically Plausible answer is that they done a GOOGLE for "Washing Machine Songs" and found us. Whatever way they did it I am very much open to MORE uses of my WORKZ in Current Affairs - perhaps next time Morrissey says something, or G Barlow dodges a tax? Or maybe - SURELY - if they need to talk about ZX Spectrums?

Whatever happens with this station the BEST part is that I am now one step closer to completing the full set of national BBC network plays. I've already had songs on Radios 1,2,3 (I think) and 6, with this addition I just need to get something onto 5 Live and the Asian Network and I've got THE LOT!

posted 30/11/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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