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Today I'm EXTREMELY happy to FINALLY reveal yet another of the Secret Things that I was on about ages ago. For LO! no less an authority than The Official Davy Jones Facebook Page has announced that myself and Mr J Dredge have a track on the forthcoming Monkees tribute album "Listen To The Bands"!

Our song is "The Day We Fall In Love" which, I am told, is widely held to be THE WORST of all The Monkees' songs. I had never heard it before this, but once I had I fear I was forced to agree entirely with critical consensus, as it is BLOODY AWFUL. It's a terrible, cack-handed song which is performed with the air of people being forced to do so at 5:15pm on a Friday when the sun is shining outside and everyone VERY CLEARLY knows what a STAIN on their otherwise excellent OUVRE they are recording.

Unfortunately for me I had to listen to it A LOT in order to work out how the guitar part goes (NB I am Not Very Good at the guitar and thus it takes me FOREVER to work out parts) and then EVEN MORE times to try and find some sort of structure to the wretched thing. Happily though, once I had WRESTLED it to the ground, I was able to meet with the aforesaid Mr Dredge in the tiny little rehearsal room underneath Store Street to record his vocals. He did a SPLENDID impersonation of Alec Guiness and then we added a METRIC TONNE of sound effects to create something which, I feel, improves the song NO END!

As you can see from the tracklist we are occupying the coveted Second From Last On A 26 Track Album position, which I believe is TRADITIONAL for "The Weird One". We're thinking about doing a VIDEO for it too, with John as GEORGE SMILEY, as we are RATHER PROUD of what we have done with (or perhaps TO) the song. I am relieved that this news is finally OUT THERE, and can now not WAIT for people to hear it!

posted 28/4/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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