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Blog: It Was Ten Years Ago Today

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Today is a GLORIOUS day in Rock History, for LO! it is the Actual Tenth Anniversary Of The First Totally Acoustic!

As you can see from the list of shows there HAD been a couple of shows which were dry runs for ACTUAL Totally Acoustic (and there'd been a couple of other ones that weren't INTENDED to be but DID end up being totally acoustic too), but this was the first OFFICIAL evening when it was BILLED as such. Reading my blog about it I am surprised to see how little has changed in the intervening decade - I usually find that Steve is already there, panic about having no people AND too many people, stand outside for a bit wringing my hands hoping that that'll magically produce acts/an audience, TALK far too much during my own set, and then am DELIGHTED to find that it's all finished with LOADS of time left for a chat afterwards!

There have been a few changes along the way though, notably the move from The Lamb to The King & Queen. I did like it at The Lamb but BLIMEY they were not very good at bar service (when people came down to get drinks at half time you'd often wait TWENTY MINUTES or so, even when it wasn't very busy) and they messed up our bookings more than once too. Going over to The King & Queen was a BRILLIANT idea as it is an ACE pub where they actually seem to quite like the fact we DO the show there - witness the special BEER they put on for us at the all-dayer!

The other big change has been the PODCASTS, which we started about three years in. This has been GRATE, if only because it means I don't have to worry if the audience is a bit sparse as we'll get several TENS of people listening to it later on! I think I should probably make a bit more of the PODCAST ARCHIVES, as we have HOURS of EXCLUSIVE material from some of the BEST people to traverse The Indie Scene over the past seven years. If you've not done so before i would highly recommend having a BROWSE!

Not everything has gone quite as I'd hoped with it, I must admit. I did harbour DREAMS of it becoming the start of a whole TREND for people putting on Totally Acoustic gigs every month up and down the country, as it is SUCH a good idea. Numerous delightful people have put on similar shows at various times, usually in THE MIDLANDS for some reason, but it never turned into the NATIONAL NETWORK of regular shows - the main reason I wanted this to happen was so that I could go and PLAY them all, so maybe it's for the best!

Apart from that it's been all rather DELIGHTFUL. We've had MULTIPLE brilliant nights, seen LOADS of GRATE acts, and met lots of LOVELY people who've become regulars over the years. I am EXTREMELY grateful to them especially, and ESPECIALLY especially to Mr S Hewitt and The Seats At My Table i.e. THE CHIEF REGULARS who have been at pretty much every show. Thanks everyone!

We're currently on HIATUS, while I try and get on top of various other things, but I hope we'll be back at some point in the near future. In the meantime, why not set up your OWN regular night of totally acoustic performances? It's BRILL!

posted 22/8/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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